Software Testing

Are you a good analyzer? or You love to make things perfect, no space for errors? If yes this profile (Software tester)  is for you. Software testing is one of the crucial and important elements of the IT industry. Making delivery of a bug-free website, web application or mobile app is very important for all business and it can’t be completed without good software tester.

Analysis of requirements, understand project objective and make your team bound to deliver the same is the job of a software tester. Creating various kinds of test cases, implementing the cases and make the development error-free is not so easy job.

Every company is looking for a qualified software tester and our training program can help you to become one of them. Our software testing course is designed to produce high-quality software tester. We help you to become the software tester that makes sure the job is done 100 correct.

Join of Software Testing course and become a qualified software tester. To know more about our software testing course please click here

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Meet our team

Manish Gaurav
Sales Head

14 years of experience with IT with various roles including Development, Coordination and Sales. A perfect mixture of experience and Technology

Santosh Kumar
Lead - Technical Solution

Over 12 years of experience with PHP based website, web application development & Team management. He is excellent with his job

Aftaab Hussain
Sr. iOS Developer

6 Years of experience with iOS app development. His passion about learning new things helps students to get updates on mobile app development

Ajjay Aroraa
Solution Master

10 years of experience with various roles and industries that makes him perfect person to understand what makes a student to professional