MEAN Stack Developer

MEAN Stack Developer –  MEAN Stack developers are the new era of IT. A full package for a developer where they learn all aspects of development including Designing, Database, and Backend Development.

MEAN stack is the demand for current technology and modern applications where we need high speed, quick turnaround time and scalable solutions. As per demand, the technology changed to the full-fill the current requirement of business and new platform of development has been introduced:

MEAN, M – MongoDB (NoSQL), E – Express.js, A – Angualr.js, N – Node.js is a balanced program that is all set for web application development. A MEAN stack developer supposes to take part in all stages of development, from solution business understanding to technical designing of the solution, development, and implementation.

A MEAN Stack developer supposes to learn HTML, BootStrap, Jquery, JSON, and many other modules to become master of this platform.

Our MEAN Stack development program is designed for anyone looking forward to building a career with this platform. We start from ABCD of this technology to make sure you will fill ease while learning new concepts and development solutions.

We provide live project training for MEAN stack with the various business requirements that give expertise to our students. 

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Meet our team

Manish Gaurav
Sales Head

14 years of experience with IT with various roles including Development, Coordination and Sales. A perfect mixture of experience and Technology

Santosh Kumar
Lead - Technical Solution

Over 12 years of experience with PHP based website, web application development & Team management. He is excellent with his job

Aftaab Hussain
Sr. iOS Developer

6 Years of experience with iOS app development. His passion about learning new things helps students to get updates on mobile app development

Ajjay Aroraa
Solution Master

10 years of experience with various roles and industries that makes him perfect person to understand what makes a student to professional