We provide an 2 week Internship for “IT Services & Product – Sales”. Our internship program helps you to understand the basic concept of IT Sales and step by step process for converting a lead to account.

While we are talking about IT Sales, it’s very important to understand it required good communication skill but it’s not necessary to have an American accent. IT Sales is very different than other product or services that usually practice by many sales call center. IT Sales need a different set of skills to become a successful salesperson.

 Selling an IT service for software development or a product need deep knowledge of technology and understanding how software can help with our daily office work. Software used by any company or person is to ease the work and make things fasters and accurate and selling software/software development services is an art to understand what and where software can be introduced to reduce time and cost.

Our 2 weeks sales internship helps to understand the IT Sales process, leads handling, client communication, benefits of email and how to track leads progress.

Join our IT Sales Training Internship and check your ability to become a successful Salesperson. Apply Now!

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Meet our team

Manish Gaurav
Sales Head

14 years of experience with IT with various roles including Development, Coordination and Sales. A perfect mixture of experience and Technology

Santosh Kumar
Lead - Technical Solution

Over 12 years of experience with PHP based website, web application development & Team management. He is excellent with his job

Aftaab Hussain
Sr. iOS Developer

6 Years of experience with iOS app development. His passion about learning new things helps students to get updates on mobile app development

Ajjay Aroraa
Solution Master

10 years of experience with various roles and industries that makes him perfect person to understand what makes a student to professional