Designing & HTML (UI & UX Designing)

Bringing ideas live into the digital platform with the help of Website and mobile app designing is the creative sparking. If you are creative and want to show your potential to world, website and mobile app designing is the best course for you.

Designing a Website or Mobile app is like drawing canvas to express the client’s thoughts to all visitors with correct placement of text, images, and animation.  Good design, presentation and easy of the client is the most important factor for any business as people know the company by it’s a web/mobile app presence. So, leave the paper and start doing some creativity on the computer and get start your career as a Website Designer.

Our Website designing course will help you to learn the ABC of designing over Photoshop and make it dynamic with the help of HTML and CSS. By the end of the course, you will become one of the finest designers that every company will look forward to you.

We help you to understand the User Interface (UI) and User Experience (UX) designing and how important to be design a user centric website or mobile app.

Start your dynamic and creative career with our “Website and Mobile app Designing course” divided into two segments:

  • Website designing & HTML
  • Mobile app designing

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Meet our team

Manish Gaurav
Sales Head

14 years of experience with IT with various roles including Development, Coordination and Sales. A perfect mixture of experience and Technology

Santosh Kumar
Lead - Technical Solution

Over 12 years of experience with PHP based website, web application development & Team management. He is excellent with his job

Aftaab Hussain
Sr. iOS Developer

6 Years of experience with iOS app development. His passion about learning new things helps students to get updates on mobile app development

Ajjay Aroraa
Solution Master

10 years of experience with various roles and industries that makes him perfect person to understand what makes a student to professional